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Our Bible study utilizes a four-fold method of learning: daily study, small groups, corporate learning, and notes.

Daily Study

In our inductive Bible study, members complete six days of thought-provoking questions about the current biblical text. Focus is on life-changing application of God's Word, which comes through relying on the Holy Spirit to teach us as we study.

small groups

Members meet weekly in small groups for vibrant discussion of what they have learned during their personal study, to share in the joy of what others have discovered, and to witness to God's work in one another's lives.

Corporate learning

A time to sit back and be nourished, large-group assembly allows members to hear from a trained teaching leader truths about God, His work, and His Word, as well as ways we can apply it to our lives.


In-depth commentary from some of the nation's leading biblical teachers encourages members to dig into the richness of God's Word through historical, theological, contextual, and spiritual application.