A limited perspective ... for now

"For if God did not spare angels when they sinned ..." 2 Peter 2:4

Someone asked me recently, “Why can’t the fallen angels be saved?” In other words, if they sinned against God (by rebelling against Him) just as humans have, why is there no plan, no possibility even, that they could be redeemed and one day return to the presence of God?

To answer, a rudimentary science illustration based on my (very) limited understanding of waves. What we perceive as color are simply different wavelengths of light. There exist, however, both shorter and longer wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye, such as ultraviolet light and infrared light. Our human vision just cannot see them.

In the Bible, God appeared in the Old Testament to Abraham (for one) in human form, because that was the only way that Abraham could see Him. Not that the form that Abraham saw was who God completely is, but it was what Abraham could see. God appeared to Adam the same way, I believe.

Like light, however, there is more to God than we can see. If God is light, like the Bible says, He is ALL light! We cannot see the entirety of that attribute of His character until we get rid of our human eyes and have the ability to see all light. Additionally, He is spirit, He tells us in His Word, and we do not yet have the spiritual eyes with which to see Him.

One day, though, we will shed this mortality, and then we will be able to see all light. Or spirits.

In the same way, our mind is limited to the things that a finite mind can comprehend or even imagine. The Bible says that He is “able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.” If He is able to DO more than we can imagine, HE Himself must be more than we can imagine. Case in point: the human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons, but even a billion trillion neurons all firing at one time could not comprehend the magnitude of God. He is more than our little 3-lb brain — as wonderful as it is — can handle. Just more.

In addition, and on a spiritual level, in our sinful state, we cannot even comprehend the complete holiness and perfection of God. Our emotions, the base motives that we perceive and assume others have because we ourselves have those same base motives, rule our understanding and flaw our perception of God’s perfect character. (For instance, people say, “God, if You’ll heal my spouse, I’ll start going to church” as if God were motivated by anything we could do or give Him, instead of just being motivated by His precious desire to bless. We believe Him to be like us, because we make deals with one another and are motivated by what we get in return. God has no such selfish motives. He is the epitome of unselfishness! Yet we assume that He is this way, because we are. Just one example of how we ascribe to God imperfect qualities that we have.)

Because all of the above is true, we cannot know God completely until we see Him face to face, rid of both our sinful nature and our human form. Then, “we will see Him as He is” and know Him fully.

The angels were not limited in their perception of God, neither by sin nor by the material or physical. They saw Him in His own spiritual environment, with His full glory revealed to them, and they still rejected His perfect goodness. Mankind rejects goodness — we reject God — but we do so on earth without the understanding of Him that the angels in heaven possessed when they rebelled.

God, in utter mercy, sees fit to give mankind redemption, a shot at one day seeing His absolute glory revealed. I pray that no one reading this misses out on the opportunity to be in His beautiful presence one day — a presence that, to human eyes, would be a blindingly light glory, but to our future spiritual “eyes”, the welcoming sight for which we have been longing.

Father of light, I praise You as the infinite God who transcends human understanding. I'm so thankful You gave us Your Word, that me might know You at all. Thank you for preserving and protecting it through the ages, and use Your Holy Spirit to teach me its truths that I might know You better.

TRUTH FOR TODAY: "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth." John. 4:24