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Some of the best and most lasting impressions from God's Word come from sitting down with just a Bible, a journal, and a heart set to listen to the Holy Spirit. These tools are aimed to develop your ability to learn from the Bible's Author Himself. Use them to discover on your own not only what the Bible says, but what it means for your life today.


Many methods exist for personal Bible study, depending on what you want to learn. Some of the most common are listed below.

Systematic study

Do you know how to sit down with your Bible and glean truths for yourself or for sharing with others? If you're ready to take your Bible study to the next level, use these tools to go chapter by chapter, book by book through God's Word, discovering along the way how you can be conformed to the image of Christ.

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How does your pastor, Sunday school teacher, or friend know so much about the Bible? Learn the tools, such as lexicons, Bible dictionaries, and more, that many Bible teachers use to go more in-depth.

The right question

Amassing a wealth of knowledge about the Bible is a work in futility if it doesn't lead to a changed life. Learn how to ask the right questions as you study, ones that lead to true transformation.